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Budget Toolkit

Get the benefits of a personalized budget without a hassle!

Do you recognize the need for a budget, but not really sure how to create one that helps you get out of debt, save for a vacation, stop living paycheck to paycheck, or lay the foundation to financial freedom?

Look no further than our D.I.Y (do it yourself) Budget Toolkit.

What's Included:

-Budget Binder

-Step by step instructions of how to evaluate your current spending habits

-Step by step instructions of how to create a budget that you can stick and actually works

-A simple, straight forward budget template  (12 months)

-A payment calendar (12 months)

-Writing set (highlighter, pen, and pencil)

-A $500-$2000 Emergency Fund Tracker 

Don't spend another second with your personal finances in a mess. Eliminate the guess work and get started today!


Credit Builder Program 

Your Success is Near

Our Credit Builder program is for the person who has no collection accounts, little to no established credit, and would like to be hands on in their credit building process. Our 6 month program includes:

  • 30 minute consultation

  • 3 Credit Report Analysis

  • Personalized Action Plan (details the steps we suggest you take to build your credit, based on your current standing and the contents of your credit report at the time of the consultation)

Program Investment:

$75 registration

$30 monthly fee


Credit Restoration Program

You don't have to do it alone!

This service is for individuals who want help with restoring their credit. We work with you over a period of 6-12 months to help you establish good financial behaviors to increase your credit score and enhance your credit profile.


  • 1 one hour virtual consultation

  • 1 30 minute check-in per month

  • 3 credit report analysis

  • Personalized action plan

Program Investment:

$125 registration

$50 monthly investment



Complete Transformation

Metamorphosis is a 1:1(one on one),  9 month coaching program that transforms the following life areas: Mental, Spiritual, Financial, and Physical.

Through a series of coaching sessions, we explore what your version of success looks like, create and execute S.M.A.R.T Goals that align with your vision of success, and establish healthy behaviors that help you maintain balance and continued success in each life area.


  • Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

  • 1 one hour strategy session-monthly

  • 2 30 minute coaching sessions- monthly

  • 1 fifteen minute check-in per month

  • Unlimited email access

  • VIP registration for events for 1 year

  • Lifestyle Package (shipped approximately 1-2 weeks after purchase)

  • Program Completion Package (upon completion of program)

Program Cost: $785

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