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What is The Promised Legacy

The Promised Legacy is a life coaching and consulting business that teaches women how to identify and dismantle generational curses and limiting beliefs, to establish thought processes and behaviors that align with their version of success, and to create balance within the different roles of their lives to achieve purpose and fulfillment.

What is the purpose of a life coach?

The Promised Legacy has a Certified Life Coach that assists clients in creating and achieving a more fulfilling lifestyle. 

A life coach is a professional that is trained to help clients identify areas in their life that does not align with the vision they have for their version of success. They work with the client to establish actionable steps to achieve the vision, while providing effective accountability to keep the client on track with minimal stagnation.

In essence, a life coach is the key resource to unlocking your fullest potential and living the lifestyle you desire with purpose. 

Is there a fee for consultations?

Yes, there is generally a fee for consultations. Each product or service we offer has all pertinent details, including prices, listed. The consultation allows the client to ask more detailed/personalized questions for clarity in a one-on-one setting. If a service is booked within 24 hours of a consultation, the consultation fee is then applied to the balance of the service.

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