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Who We Are

We are purposed to help you move forward.

 The Promised Legacy was created to help women clearly define their own version of success, according to their life's purpose. We assist you in writing the vision, proper goal setting, overcoming adversity, breaking generational cycles, achieving your promise, and securing your legacy for generations to come.

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Our Vision

This is Our Legacy

Our vision is to positively impact the world through the effective coaching and development of one person, one family, and one community at a time, promoting and  inspiring change to everyone connected to them.

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Our Mission

This is Our Call to Action

Our mission is to provide top quality programs and services that transform the mind and align thoughts and behaviors that produce the desired levels of success that is sustained across generations.

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Meet Our

Founder & CEO

The Woman with the Vision

Sheleana S. Evans was raised in the deep delta in a small town called Rolling Fork in Mississippi. She is a mother of a future world leader and works to create an environment that cultivates an abundance of opportunities for herself and those connected to her. She is a Certified Life Coach and a Board Certified Credit Consultant.

Sheleana firmly believes that she was purposed to face and overcome many of life's adversities so that God could use her to show others that there isn't a mountain that He can't move. She believes that those very experiences were instrumental in preparing her to become an efficient and effective life coach and consultant. 

She has a passion for helping others develop the very best version of themselves. Sheleana believes it is essential to personal and professional development, healthy and balanced relationships, and ultimately the level of success you are prepared to achieve. 

About Us: About Me
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